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Dan, how are you doing? I wanted you to know that Anne has been so excited since the day we spent with you onsite the week before last. Hany has done a great job driving to the finish line and you guys both have been awesome during this finishing phase. Sometimes it seems like we have been at this for over a year but in reality it has only been about 4 months.  As we discussed, the excitement factor is extremely important as this is a very BIG deal for us. We lost it a couple of weeks ago (probably typical for large projects) but you guys quickly brought it back and then made it even better! I know in its simplest form this is a business transaction (you building & selling, us buying) but Anne and I have both felt that there was something more with both you and Hany from day one.  You both have been patient, engaging and very candid with the situation. We may have driven Hany crazy at times but he NEVER once made us (and especially Anne) feel unwelcomed. In fact, he was always quite the opposite. We hope you guys feel we approach this in a very partnership manner and worked through the few issues we had as a team, understanding both sides and working together on solutions that worked for both of us. We have very much enjoyed being part of this process and very much appreciate the additional access and openness you guys shared with us… even if it caused a little heartburn once in a while. Need to get to the finish line but it is clearly in sight! Thanks Dan, we hope to actually start moving in next Wednesday — very cool! - Paul
 So good to see you again this weekend.  I got to say, I am really excited about the house now that I see what has transpired since our last visit.  Chris is going to be ecstatic when she sees it next weekend. Dan, the house is really showing the quality materials and workmanship as it is coming into shape,  I feel so good about it!  What it also shows is all the hard work you put into it.  However, what it doesn’t show is all the headaches, stomachaches, sleepless nights, nausea, and time away from your family and so on.  This is the part no one sees but I do and fully recognize, understand and appreciate.  So to that, I am so glad Chris and I have had this opportunity to put our dream and future in your hands. - Joe & Chris
I worked with Daniel on a house project with a customer of Wood Palace. Our clients, who we had worked with before had hired us to do her new kitchen & baths and had hired Daniel to build her new home. After working with Daniel, it was evident that attention to detail and his caring for a happy client were his top priorities. The job went on schedule and the clients were very happy. I highly recommend Daniel and his company to anyone who wants to build a quality home. - Tim
 I would like to thank you for the kind letter that was submitted to the Town of Rowley on my behalf. What you may not understand is that the pleasure was all mine in working with you and your family. Be well and good luck in your future endeavors. Respectfully, - Dave
 It’s hard to believe that it has been about a year since the beginning of our “dream home” building project. As you know, we began this journey in 2003 when we started looking at all the inferior quality “spec” homes for sale and decided we had to create our own custom home. The search for land consumed two years and another year was spent in the development of our design. Actually moving into our new home has been a very exciting time for our whole family. The house is everything we dreamed it would be and we absolutely love living here. Everyone who visits our home compliments sthe quality of the finish work and the choices we have made in colors and furnishings. The most critical and best decision we made in the project was to choose Banda Development as our general contractor. When we met Hany at an open house for the home you built in North Andover, we had in instict not only about the quality of the work but about his approach to the job and his attention to details. You may recall that we had three contractors bid our project. We were very diligent in meeting previous customers and looking at homes all three contractors had built. One common theme among Bandar Development customers were comments like “these are really good guys” and they “care” about what they are doing. Economics certainly played a role in our decision, but the feedback from former customers gave us confidence we were making the correct choice. We knew a custom home project would have many twists and turns along th eway. So, when the curved stairway didn’t fit or when the steps into the garage left no room for the car or when there were structural issues with our design, we received timely professional advice and were treated very fairly on any additional costs. Every phone call was answered promptly and every issue was handled honesly. Not only did we find a great builder and general contractor, we found new friends. Best regards, - Richard & Liz
Merry Christmas to you, your families and to your fine subs. Here at the closing days of our working relationship, I wish to thank you for making a very positive life-change for my mother, Virginia. She can now live peacefully, healthily and happily during the final stage of her life. It would have not been possible without your collaboration. And while the relationship was hopefully profitable for you, there is more than simply profit in store for you. Looking after the elderly in your midst is noble and eternal. God bless you for your hearts and efforts this coming year. - Robert Zitzow
This note is long overdue! We thank you with all our heart for the beautiful home you built us!. It was a wonderful experience working with both of you!! (We’ll miss you) We wish you the best of luck & good fortune with all your future endeavors! - The Licares
 Just a quick note to say thank you. It has been a wonderful experience working with you! Thank you both for being so gracious in letting us customize our “dream home”. We look forward to the rest of this journey. - Bobby, Nicole & Ciera